Selling a mobile home is less challenging than selling a traditional house, but it does require some preparation. To secure a good price with ease, ensure your mobile home is ready for sale, market it effectively, and manage the sale independently.

With housing costs high and concerns about the economy and living expenses, many people are turning to mobile homes as a more affordable housing option. These homes can serve as temporary living spaces during house construction or as permanent residences.

If you're looking for how to sell a mobile home by owner due to increased interest in such properties, this blog post offers valuable insights to help you navigate the process.

Personal Property vs Real Property:

Personal property and real property are two different types of assets:

Personal Property: This refers to movable belongings that individuals or businesses own. These items are not permanently attached to land or buildings. Examples of personal property include furniture, electronics, vehicles, and clothing.

Real Property: Also known as real estate or realty, real property refers to land and everything permanently attached to it, such as buildings, houses, and any fixtures. It includes both the land itself and any improvements to it.

How To Sell A Mobile Home by Owner

To sell a mobile home by owner, prepare the property, list it online, and handle negotiations and paperwork independently for a successful sale. See details below:

1. Prepare Your Mobile Home:

Before you try to sell your mobile home, make sure it's really clean. Clean everything from top to bottom. Get rid of any extra stuff by storing it somewhere else, like a storage unit, or sharing it with family if you have to. A clean home sells faster than one that looks like it needs fixing.

Think about what someone who might want to buy your home would like. It's important to vacuum up any pet hair and make the carpet smell nice, so the mobile home looks as welcoming and clean as possible. Make sure the windows, bathrooms, and kitchen are super clean if you want to get a good price for them.

2. Repair Your Home:

Before you put your mobile home up for sale, make sure you fix any problems it has. Focus on things like making sure it's level, repairing any plumbing issues, and fixing anything else that might make people hesitate to buy it. Even though it might be frustrating to spend money on a home you're leaving, fixing these things can increase the price you can ask for your mobile home.

Don't try to hide problems by taking sneaky pictures that hide the issues. If someone hires an inspector before buying, they'll find the problems, and you'll still have to fix them. Sell your mobile home the right way by taking care of the necessary repairs.

3. Determining Home Value and Inspection:

Before selling your mobile home, determine its value and any outstanding debts. Contact your lender to understand your financial obligations related to the home or the land it occupies. To estimate its value, consult a real estate broker.

Additionally, consider getting your own property inspected, as potential buyers typically request one during the sale process. This way, you can show potential buyers that they don't need to pay for their own inspection, and you can get this done through EasyDigz. EasyDigz provides a pre-inspection certificate, which increases the value of your home.

4. Immersive 3D photography:

Capture good photos of your mobile home to create a great first impression for potential buyers. Take high-quality pictures when your home is clean and tidy, ideally with most or all of your stuff removed. These photos will make your home look appealing.

Explore virtual reality using EasyDigz’s impressive 3D tours. These tours give potential buyers a realistic experience as if they were actually walking through the property in person.

5. Listing Your Home:

To find buyers for your mobile home, advertise it online and in local trade publications. You can list your mobile home on platforms like EasyDigz, Zillow, local newspapers, or classified ads. The more you explore the digital age of real estate, the more you can sell your home.  Platforms like EasyDigz integrate with social media, allowing easy promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more; unlike conventional agents, social media promotion is often a separate service requiring you to pay for sponsored posts or ads.

6. Closing the Deal:

To complete the sale of your mobile home on EasyDigz, list it, wait for offers from potential buyers, communicate with interested parties, agree on terms, prepare necessary documents, meet with the buyer to finalize the sale, transfer ownership, and ensure the buyer is satisfied with the purchase.


How to sell your mobile home by owner is a manageable process, especially in today's housing market where affordability is a concern. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can prepare your home, market it effectively, and close the deal successfully.

For a seamless selling experience and to list your mobile home, consider using EasyDigz. Our platform offers a user-friendly interface, extensive listing options, and the ability to provide potential buyers with a detailed view of your property through 3D tours. Don't miss out on this opportunity; start your mobile home selling journey with EasyDigz today!

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