When constructing a house, numerous aspects demand careful consideration, including architectural aesthetics, interior arrangement, structural soundness, and decorative elements. Effective communication of your personal preferences and envisioned outcome is crucial for transforming your dream home into a tangible reality, even when enlisting the expertise of professionals like architects and interior designers.

One of the foremost initial tasks involves settling on the specific design of your prospective residence. The right design can enhance the look of your property and boost its curb appeal. In the present era, a growing number of homeowners are displaying a preference for single-level house blueprints instead of multi-level ones. There exists a wide array of single-story house design styles, encompassing modern, traditional, and cottage-inspired residences.

This piece will delve into the merits of dwelling in a one-story house and offer expert guidance on its design.

Single-story house plans distinguish themselves through their straightforwardness and offer many of the same functionalities and attributes as various other architectural designs. These homes, characterized by their unique architectural characteristics, are especially well-suited for regions marked by warm and breezy climates.

Now, let's explore some simple and modern single story house plans with breezeway to guest house to inspire your home-building journey.

Single-Story House/Construction Ideas:

We've collected more than 10 unique single-story house design ideas to help you find the perfect fit for your dream home.

1. Single-Story Home with Loft:

Instead of building another floor on top of a single-story house, some folks opt to add a loft. A loft is a raised area in a room, right beneath the roof. Located within the interior of the house, lofts provide the benefits associated with a second floor without requiring significant structural alterations to the existing house. Lofts are frequently utilized as bedrooms due to their capacity to offer a secluded and distinct living space separate from the remainder of the house. Teenagers, young couples, and individuals seeking to maximize space in their small homes particularly favor them.

2. Open Floor Single-Story Home:

In most one-story houses, builders typically design the layout without separating rooms with walls. This means that the spaces flow into each other, creating one big area. This open design is popular because it makes the house feel spacious and full of light. Plus, it doesn't feel cramped with too many walls. Homeowners like this because it gives them more freedom to use the space the way they want.

3. Single story duplex designs:

A duplex is like a modern version of a semi-detached house. In a duplex, two homes are connected by sharing one wall and a roof. But here's the difference: each duplex has two completely separate homes, each with its own private entrance, garden, and sometimes even a garage. If you want to learn more about duplex designs and details, you can find more information here.

4. Single-story house facades:

When you have a one-story house, it's important to make the outside look interesting because you don't have the height of multiple floors to create visual appeal. To do this, single-story homes often have different design elements at various levels to make them look more captivating. These elements could include things like roof overhangs (awnings), front porches, or windows of various shapes and sizes. All of these features work together to make the outside of the house more eye-catching and appealing.

5. Single-story terrace house:

A terrace house is a kind of townhouse that shares its walls with neighbour houses on both sides. Most terrace houses have two floors to maximize the space. However, there are also single-story terrace houses that are designed to be long and narrow because they have a small width. This way, they can still provide enough living space even though they do not have multiple levels.

6. American single-story house:

These one-story house designs are a bit fancier than the typical American ranch-style homes. They capture the charm of a traditional two-story American home but are designed on a single level. You can learn more about this design and how to get the floor plans by visiting Cool House Concepts.

7. Single-story semi-detached House:

Semi-detached houses are homes that share one wall with the house next door. In contrast, fully detached houses stand alone without sharing walls with other buildings. If a house shares more than one wall with neighboring houses, it's called a terrace house.

People like semi-detached houses, especially in cities and suburbs, because they offer a good balance of privacy and space. They're not too close to neighbors, and they also provide an opportunity for additional income, like renting out a part of the house.

8. Kerala Style One Floor House:

This house plan is suitable for those who want a simple and elegant design. It is a traditional Indian house style known as "quintessential Kerala houses." These houses are known for their distinctive roofs, and the owners have chosen different colors for the floors and roofs.

This single-story house design also has some outdoor space, which is often used as a sitting area. Some Kerala houses even have pillars around this sitting area, which gives the house a classy and traditional look.

9. One Story Farmhouse Style:

Houses like these are a big part of country living. They're where you can sit on the porch in the sunlight, enjoy time with family, and watch kids play in the yard. These farmhouse-style homes are full of special memories.

So, if you want to relive those sweet memories from your childhood, consider these warm and inviting one-story house designs.

10. Single-Story Cottage Homes:

Who wouldn't love to live in a warm and cozy cottage-style home? We all do, right?

Let this house design inspire you to construct your dream single-story cottage-style house. This house plan provides 1300 square feet of living space and has a split layout. It includes spacious open areas, a big kitchen with an island, a fireplace, a large master bathroom, and a closet.

Additionally, there's a screened porch and an optional garage. These homes have charming exteriors with historical details. You can add these features to give your place a welcoming and charming vibe, and you'll have your new home ready to enjoy!


Which single-story house plans with a breezeway to a guest house do you find most appealing? Single-floor house plans are popular, offering various design options to match your land size and budget.

Try to choose designs that add value to your home when you try to sell it. EasyDigz provides valuable tips and recommendations for enhancing your home's value, setting it apart from conventional agents who typically do not offer such guidance. Explore our blog to learn more about recommendations that add value to your home.

These one-story house designs can be a great resource if you're considering building a new home or renovating your current one. Save pictures of the designs you like and share them with your designer and architect when discussing your preferences.

So, that's all about single-floor and ground-floor house designs. We hope you've gained some ideas and inspiration for creating your dream one-story house. If you found this blog on modern single-floor house designs helpful and informative, feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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